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National Content Day

Fostering Economic Growth by Supporting National Content Development

A Dedicated Day For National Content Debate

The Mozambique Gas Summit will commence with a full day focused on National Content. Participants will be able to hear latest updates directly from the Government and international players on key topics surrounding the new legislation, strategies to build capacity and enhance the role of SMEs in the industry and policies to add value to Mozambique’s economy.


National Content Day Topics Include:

  • The Government’s vision for a successful implementation of National Content policies
  • Strategies for successful collaboration between International companies and local partners
  • The role of SMEs in the development of National Content
  • National Content legislation: the current status, next steps and impact in gas projects
  • How can local companies partner with international players?
  • How can the local companies qualify and participate in gas and LNG projects? 
  • Developing local companies’ best practices and industry standards
  • The importance of involving and enhancing the role of local communities in the projects 
  • Compliance with the industry’s best practices in national content 
  • Bridging the skills gaps and building capacity in country

Highlights of the 2017 Mozambique Gas Summit & Exhibition


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