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Strategic Gas Summit Day Two

2nd November 2018

08:00  -  09:00

Welcome Coffee & Registration


Opening of Strategic Summit Day Two

09:00  -  10:30

Session 4: Panel Discussion – The Emerging Business Models Making Mozambique’s LNG Competitive in the Global Markets


MODERATOR: Martin Hutchison - Managing Director - Energy Resources ConsultancyMODERATOR: Martin HutchisonManaging DirectorEnergy Resources Consultancy
Benjamin Chilenge - Administrador Comercial - ENHBenjamin ChilengeAdministrador ComercialENH
Jason Feer - Global Head of Business Intelligence  - Poten & PartnersJason FeerGlobal Head of Business Intelligence Poten & Partners
Bridget Shoo - Regional Director (Designate) Centre, Middle East & Africa  - Enterprise SingaporeBridget ShooRegional Director (Designate) Centre, Middle East & Africa Enterprise Singapore
Marc Howson - Director, LNG Market Development - S&P Global PlattsMarc HowsonDirector, LNG Market DevelopmentS&P Global Platts

  • What are the shifting market dynamics that will impact the LNG business in Mozambique and globally? How will niche markets become a major driver of demand?
  • Which are the emerging business models that will give Mozambique’s LNG a competitive edge? 
  • How are gas buyers responding to innovative business models from sellers?
  • How can Mozambique market its LNG effectively and adapt to an ever changing and dynamic landscape?
  • The importance of European and Asian markets to Mozambique’s gas: how is Mozambique adapting to the new global supply/demand outlook and market uncertainties?
  • The different role of established and new buyers for Mozambique’s hydrocarbons
  • How is Mozambique aligning itself with the global focus on clean energy? What is the opportunity for Mozambique’s gas in the future energy mix?
10:30  -  11:00

Networking Coffee Break

11:00  -  12:30

Session 5: Monetizing Mozambique’s Gas: Innovative Solutions and Business Opportunities to Power Industrialization


MODERATOR: Jocelyne Machevo - Coral Project Interface Coordinator - ENIMODERATOR: Jocelyne MachevoCoral Project Interface CoordinatorENI
Dr. Acacio Langa - Commercial Director, Domestic and Regional Markets - ENHDr. Acacio LangaCommercial Director, Domestic and Regional MarketsENH
Mateus Magala - Chairman of the Board  - EDM MozambiqueMateus MagalaChairman of the Board EDM Mozambique
Antonio Saide - CEO - FUNAEAntonio SaideCEOFUNAE
François Vuylsteke - Senior Business Development Manager, Africa - Wärtsilä Energy SolutionsFrançois VuylstekeSenior Business Development Manager, AfricaWärtsilä Energy Solutions
Fredric Briens - Chief Technical Officer  - Great Lakes Africa EnergyFredric BriensChief Technical Officer Great Lakes Africa Energy
Charles Nyirahuku - Chief Gas Policy Officer, African Natural Resources Centre - Africa Development Bank Charles NyirahukuChief Gas Policy Officer, African Natural Resources CentreAfrica Development Bank
Lorenzo Monti - Project Director - Renco Energia Lorenzo MontiProject DirectorRenco Energia

  • Uncovering the key decision triggers for investing in LNG fuelled road vehicles and how can Mozambique harness the potential of this technology?
  • What are the key drivers prompting off-grid industrial users to convert to LNG?
  • What are the challenges faced by the industrial sectors with regards to converting facilities to utilise LNG as a fuel?
  • LNG for Mining: How much demand is being created by the mining sector?
  • Comparing LNG against traditional fuels for off-grid industrial users
  • LNG as a Marine Transport: Can Mozambique use LNG to power the marine sector?
  • LNG Shipping: how to create efficiencies in LNG’s transportation?
  • CNG – Usage of LNG to Power Trucks, Trains and other vehicles
  • Fertilizers, Methanol, Plastics – How to diversify the economy and create jobs?
  • How to create a network of Mini LNG Plants and reach remote regions in Mozambique and other landlocked countries?
  • What role will coal play in ensuring affordable domestic energy?
  • How can Mozambique create energy security and drive sustainability forward?
  • How can power and renewables add to the energy mix and create a more environmentally friendly industry?
12:30  -  13:00

Session 6: Mozambique Gas Summit: Conclusions & Outcomes


Dr. Omar Mithá - Chairman & CEO - ENH Dr. Omar MitháChairman & CEOENH
Martin Hutchison - Managing Director - International Resources ConsultingMartin HutchisonManaging DirectorInternational Resources Consulting

  • Mozambique Gas Summit closing conclusions
  • What are the Summit’s outcomes & highlights?
  • What can we expect from the Gas & LNG developments In the next 12 months?

Networking Lunch

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  • Mozambique Gas Summit closing conclusions
  • Discussions & Event Summary
  • What are the Summit’s outcomes & Highlights ?
  • What can we expect from the Gas and LNG developments in the next 12 months?

End of Strategic Summit Day Two

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