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Tania Munhequete, Executive VP, Engineering & Development, ENH Interview

Tania Munhequete, Member of the Board, Engineering & Project Development, ENH

• What more can be done to promote opportunities available for women in the work place?
In my opinion, it is promoting respect for the particular characteristics of women, in order to allow them to build their careers with confidence, in a healthy and pleasant work environment. With that, I would like to mention and pay particular tribute to young women who have the challenge of raising their families in this still very sexist society and at the same time, need to ensure that their voices are strong enough to be heard in increasingly competitive work environments.

• What piece of advice would you give to women starting their career?
I advise young women that they must prove themselves to men and the rest of society, with a lot of hard work and above all a lot of competence. This is the only way to demonstrate that in the professional area there are no differences between genders.

• Who was your idol growing up?
I grew up with more than one strong and courageous woman in my family as my idols, who represented very well the typical African women having to face a highly prejudiced environment and the limitations caused by poverty in order to raise their children so that they would become useful to society. These heroines guide and illuminate my steps to this day.

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