#MGSVirtual 28–29 October 2020

5th University Essay Contest

Winner announced: Inda Guambe from Zambeze University.

Congratulations to the 2020 Winner!

We are delighted to announce Inda Guambe from Zambeze University as the 2020 Mozambique Gas Virtual Summit Student Essay Competition Winner. Looking forward to hearing from you next week.

Her chosen essay was on: How the oil and gas industries can contribute to the development of local content in communities. The full essay will be uploaded soon.

Supporting Mozambique's Educational Development


The Mozambique Gas Summit & Exhibition is proudly supporting the educational sector of Mozambique by inviting lead universities with engineering programmes to participate and share opinions with government and operators.

The need for Mozambican professionals in areas of engineering, geology, oil & gas exploration, gas development knowledge is becoming very important for the sustainable development of Mozambique’s economy, and therefore more universities are being urged to open related academic programmes.

Participating Universities

Previous Winners

2019 University Essay Contest Winner Announced!

Congratulations to the Winner of the 4th University Essay Contest:

Heike Melani Da Silva Boane, Licenciatura em Engenharia Química, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane

Essay Topic:

How can Mozambique become a regional energy hub? What measures need to be in place for this to happen?

Como é que Moçambique poderá se tornar em um centro regional de energia? Que medidas precisam ser tomadas para que isso ocorra?


Congratulations to the 2018 Winner!

Congratulations to the Winner of the 3rd National Essay Contest:

Antonio Fernando Matusse, Departament of Maritime and Coastal Sciences, Quelimane,  Universidade Eduardo Mondlane. 

Essay Topic: Como podem as PME ser participantes activo no desenvolvimento da indústria do petróleo e do gás? E que benefícios eles trarão?

Read the Winning Essay (in Portuguese)


Well done to the 2 runner ups who also submitted fantastic essays.

2 Place: Rogério Carlos Damas, University Lúrio

3 Place: Heike Melani Silva Boane, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Maputo

2017 Winner

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The Winner of the 2017 National University Essay Contest:

Heike Melani Silva Boane, Faculty of Engineering, University Eduardo Mondlane

Essay topic: “How can Mozambique use its gas & LNG resources to diversify the national economy?”

Read the 2017 Winning Essay (In Portuguese)


Well done to the 2 runner ups in 2017 who also submitted fantastic essays.

2 place: Suneila Mahomed Wilson – Dava ISCTEM 
3 place: Yanara Pereira –  Universidade Pedagogica

2016 Winner

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The Winner of the 2016 National University Essay Contest:

João Américo Júnior – Universidade Lúrio

Essay Topic: “Mozambique Gas Projects: Challenges & Benefits for the Country”


Well done to the 2 runner ups in 2016 who also submitted fantastic essays.

2 place: Celso Flávio Norge Passado – Universidade Zambeze
3 place: Jeremias Chaves Constantino Matuta – Universidade Lúrio

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